Meet the market

about the vendors

The backbone of any market is the community of vendors that show up each weekend to sell their goods.  The love and labor is tangible and tasty at the Haines Farmers Market!

Vija Pelekis

Market Manager

Lover, consumer and hustler of all things local.  Feel free to give Vija a text or call if you have questions about the market or want to be vendor.
(907) 314-2091

       Sierra Clark

Market Manager

Sierra has been involved with the Haines Farmers Market in one way or another for years.  If she's not in the garden, you may find her selling plants, taking names, and managing the market on Saturdays.  Feel free to contact Sierra about the market.

(907) 515-7086

Felicia Finley

Damsel's Delight

Damsel's Delight sells men and women's underwear, period pads, and other intimates, predominantly made from second hand T-shirt fabric and upcycled textiles. As different needs arise new items are added to the shop.  

Betsy Van Burgh

Earthworks Refillery

Hand thrown pottery made locally in Haines, as well as bulk food and non-food items.  Customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable containers and bags for bulk goods.  Betsy's goal is to reduce the consumption of plastic in hopes of less being thrown into our landfills and oceans.  

Sally Boisvert

Fourwinds Farm

Four Winds Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown market garden run by Sally Boisvert and a small, local crew. Located in the upper Chilkat Valley, we strive to provide an assortment of short-season crops with a focus on high nutritional quality. Soil health is maintained and improved on the farm by following principles of organic farming, and nothing is ever sprayed with chemicals. Our fresh produce is available weekly from June through September at the Saturday Haines Farmers Market, through our CSA program (July-September), and every day at our local retail produce cooler located in the Haines Packing Company's downtown store. 

(907) 314-0712

Lauren McPhun

Ouroboros Botanicals

Herbal Apothecary, scrumptious baked goods featuring local products, and straight up produce grown in the upper Chilkat Valley.

James Hart

3 Mile Designs

Local Tlingit formline artist creates one-of-a-kind silk-screened shirts and sweatshirts for the people.

Rebecca & Rachel

Costa Brava

A Spanish and French inspired bakery located right off the wild Southeast Alaskan coast, specializing in delicate pastries, baked goods, and cakes. Contact us for special orders and pre-orders!

Henderson Garden Group

Agriculture at its best!  This community-run farm has over 8 locals working the soil and growing delicious veggies under the midnight sun.

Janice Studley

Delicious sweet and spicy jams and  rich hand-made chocolates featuring sweet and spicy pairings.

Rob & Tawny

Delicious syrups, fresh salad dressings and more featuring local ingredients.  When these two aren't wild harvesting the ingredients for their amazing creations, they're brainstorming new  product ideas or putting the finishing touches on their beautiful packaging.  

Julie Vance

Shyne Designs

A Julie-of-all-trades, come visit her stand to find hand-sewn outdoor dance fashion, masks, dessert treats and the best udon salad this side of the Pacific.

Helena Muench

Shovel and Axe Works

Delicious and Nutritious vegetables and herbs from the upper Chilkat Valley.  At Helena's table you can find fresh local produce and even dried chaga.

Susie McCartney

Twisted Bakery

Motivated by a love of good food and the belief that food can be healing, Dr. Susie twists up delicious knots of baked medicine for the people.  All of her baked goods feature creative pairings of ingredients that often have a local twist.

Blythe Carter

Blythe's Garden

Blythe's Garden provides quality flowers, vegetables, herbs and perennials starts to the community of Haines, Alaska in the spring and sells fruit and vegetables at the local Farmers Market throughout the summer. All produce is grown naturally and holistically without pesticides or artificial fertilizers.  Enjoy the taste of fresh picked greens, tomatoes ripened on the vine, and juicy sweet plums and apples fresh from the tree.  

Flowers, herbs and vegetable starts are carefully selected to prosper in the Haines environment.

Toni Smith

Check out Toni's table for frieze dried treats, essential oils, and plant starts.

Rachael Pattison

Stylish and comfortable; Rachael sews up amazing garbs for kids and adults.

Esther Gunick

Gunick's Bakery

A variety of fresh baked breads and treats.  Esther makes beautiful Pumpernickel, potato, and sourdough slicing loaves.  You can also find delicious fruit fry pies, and gooey cinnamon rolls.

Dave & Jennifer

These snowbirds from  Chico, CA bring much needed food commodities from the land of sunshine.  Visit their table to find honey, fresh walnuts, dehydrated persimmons, and ayurvedic foods.

Richard Gunick

Chilkat Valley Leatherworks

Beautifully hand-crafted bison leather bags made with quality leather and attention to detail.

 Where we've been

Legend has it that the Haines Farmers Market has been getting down in the Chilkat Valley since before 2011.  Over 50 different vendors have been part of our market family and a few of them even launched their year round merchant career under the cover of Paysons Pavilion.  In addition to all the amazing vendors that have made the Haines Farmers Market what it is, 7 different managers have contributed their unique skills and been integral to keeping the ball rolling.  Below are some photos of the Haines Farmers Market past.  

Market at the Sculpture Garden

August 5th 2019

The Haines Famers Market took it out of Paysons Pavilion to the Fort Seward Sculpture Garden for a midsummer's eve market.  Much fun was had with live local food demos by chef Travis Kukull and music with Dynoflow.